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Video: Janelle Monae featuring Solange – Electric Lady.

Janelle Monae graces us with a music video for the title track of her most recent album, Electric Lady, today. For the visuals, Janelle goes back to college for an old fashioned Sorority party complete with choreographed dancing, a marching band and some pretty awesome cameos.

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amyparkersmith asked:

This is prob a weird question but do you know what hair you used for your twists? I'm doing mine soon and I just loved the look of yours :)


Kanekolon hair from Sally in 4

Buuuut most people use marley hair which is much coarser, the kanekelon hair is more for box braids because its only has a slight kink to it, so if you want the looser twist look id go for that hair if you want the small tight twists get a coarser hair. All the corse synthetic hair is really cheap tho!


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Akos Major
Spiaggia, 2013.

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“Papa johns pizza”
— Spooky black

Watch me walk the runway at the 6:25 and 3:13 marks!

Dont be to harsh this was my first walk ever! I had so much fun (-: